Chaucer and Humanitarian Activism

By Sierra Lomuto

Refugee Tales, a recent adaptation of Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, is more than a retelling of one of our “great books” of English literature ...

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“Rivers of Blood” @50

By Radhika Natarajan

Imperial historians, and inhabitants of places colonized by Britain, know that much of England’s history happened beyond its borders. As decolonization whittled away imperial possessions ...

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Public Bookshelf

Keyword of the Week: Real Estate

Who Segregated America?

By Destin Jenkins

Recently long-listed for the National Book Award for nonfiction, Richard Rothstein’s The Color of Law is an accessible and powerful account of how metropolitan America became racially segregated ...

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Rising Tides, Rising Profits

By Phillip Polefrone

In New York 2140, Kim Stanley Robinson takes on one of the almost unimaginable yet probable outcomes of climate change: that in the foreseeable future, some ...

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