The Big Picture: Building a Climate Coalition

By Robert O. Keohane

Donald J. Trump has given notice of US withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement of December 2015 and made clear that his administration is committed to dismantling the government-based scientific ...

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“Say Chi City”

By Peter Coviello

If you want to fall wrackingly, despairingly in love with a place, here’s what you do: leave it. When I was young and wintering out my graduate years, marooned in the penitential bleakness of upstate ...

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The Big Picture: Violence and Free Speech

By Jennifer Petersen

On August 11 and 12, white nationalists came to march in Charlottesville, Virginia, where I live and work. The rally exposed many things, among them some of the challenges that Trumpism poses for ...

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Love in a Broken World

By Jordan Larson

There are now, it seems, more ways than ever for a woman to reach or ruin her own potential. Mainstream feminism today hinges upon a vision of woman as rational actor capable of logically and ...

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The Big Picture: The Promise of Sanctuary

By Hector Amaya

In June 2015, during the early days of his candidacy during the Republican primaries, Donald Trump declared: “I will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and I will make Mexico pay for ...

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Public Bookshelf

Keyword of the Week: Indigenous Stories

Native Stories from Native Perspectives

By Cutcha Risling Baldy

“We are from people that have been forced to give up everything and we have this one opportunity to give something to ourselves and we’re going to take it. We are fucking taking it. Even though ...

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Native Noir

By Adam Spry

The Round House is, arguably, the first foray into genre fiction for celebrated Native American novelist Louise Erdrich, and the result is a gripping whodunit. The crime: the brutal rape and attempted murder of an Ojibwe woman, Geraldine Coutts, on a remote North Dakota Indian reservation in the spring of 1988.

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Love and Death in Indian Country

By Phillip H. Round

At its core, David Treuer’s latest novel is a tale of unrequited love and random violence. The stuff of melodrama, to be sure, but in Treuer’s skillful, multi-vocal telling, neither love nor death ...

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