The Big Picture: Trump on Twitter

By Fred Turner

On its face, Twitter appears to be a quintessentially democratic medium. It promotes individualized expression, helps build social networks, and, until recently, seemed to epitomize the decentralized ...

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The World of Gay World Lit

By J. Daniel Elam

Contemporary gay life is characterized by a curious paradox: visibility and acceptance have made life better for many—especially but not only for white gay men—but at the cost of community and ...

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Virtual Roundtable on “Compression”

By Hansun Hsiung, Stephanie Ann Frampton, Evan Hepler-Smith, & Craig Robertson

The mass of objects lead quiet lives awaiting activation. On shelves or in boxes, as papers or digital files, storage furnishes an ever-present ...

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The Big Picture: Resource Extraction

By Michelle Wilde Anderson

Trump has a range of cons going, but one of the most outrageous is this: he is about to fleece his working-class supporters in the Rust Belt, coal country, and the rural Pacific Northwest ...

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Public Bookshelf

Keyword of the Week: Language

The Joys of Multiplicity

By Susan Bernofsky

Translation contains multitudes. Since there is no one right way to translate most things worth translating—though there are many wrong ways—translation opens up a sphere of multiplicity in which you ...

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Breaking the ESL Student’s Imagination

By Ani Gjika

The creation of vivid, readable, and faithful translations of literary works into English calls not only for considerable expertise in the original language, but also for consummate writerly skill in ...

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