The Sisters Grimm

By Sophia Booth Magnone

Can a centuries-old literary tradition tell us anything useful about modern life? The continuing vitality of the fairy tale in contemporary culture would suggest an emphatic yes. And the vast ...

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The Triumph of Afrikaans Fiction

By Derek Attridge

I’m reading one of the great novels of our time. I’m doing so slowly because it’s in Afrikaans, and although I learned the language for many years in South ...

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Keyword of the Week: Youth Activism

Black Athletes, Black Activists

By Jules Boykoff

Today the 2018 Winter Olympics kick off in Pyeongchang, South Korea. With a US president who has gone out of his way to attack black athletes and Black Lives ...

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Teaching Kids to Resist

By Suzanne Enzerink

Do you know who Fred Korematsu is? He is not yet a household name like Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King Jr., despite the integral role he played in protesting the incarceration of Japanese Americans ...

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Virtual Roundtable on Engaged Scholarship and Teaching

By Nicole Gervasio, Emily Hainze, Joss Greene, & Nicole Callahan

With political divisiveness and gaps in access to higher education intensifying, the imperative for universities to interact meaningfully with local and global communities has perhaps never been greater ...

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