Nurturing the Margins

By Philippe Pamela Dungao

“Wherever you are, I hope you are safe and know I loved you enough to write you this book,” Catherine Hernandez writes in the opening pages of her debut novel, Scarborough. While the dedication ...

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Digital Lies, Real Ghosts

By Rae Greiner

We’ve all obsessed over someone who isn’t there: fictional characters, an absent lover, the dead. The verb “obsess” means to haunt, harass, or torment, as an evil spirit. But we are usually the ...

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Down Under, Between Destinations

By Paul Giles

In 1966, Australian historian Geoffrey Blainey published The Tyranny of Distance, a work that described how Australia’s history had been shaped by ...

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The Netflix Queen

By Frank Mort

“What a marvelous way of looking at the history of modern Britain,” enthused the socialist historian Raphael Samuel when fellow historian Ben Pimlott told him in the 1990s that he was writing a ...

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Public Bookshelf

Keyword of the Week: Facebook

The Big Picture: Misinformation Society

By Victor Pickard

Trump’s election laid bare structural flaws in our news and information systems. As mainstream news media sensationalized and trivialized what was at stake in the elections, social media amplified ...

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Justice for “Data Janitors”

By Lilly Irani

Science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke famously declared that any sufficiently advanced technology becomes indistinguishable from magic. Today, the likes of Google, Amazon, and Facebook appear ...

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