Against Cuteness: “Bambi” @90

By Kyle Walker

Felix Salten’s Bambi: A Life in the Woods—which first appeared in English 90 years ago this summer—is now better known as the inspiration for Disney’s charming ...

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What’s in a Gaze?

By Sam Carter

Only one authenticated portrait of the three Brontë sisters survives. Completed by their brother, Branwell, around 1834, it was discovered atop a cupboard in 1914. Remarkable as a record of the ...

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Keyword of the Week: White Supremacy

When the Klan Returns

By Kathleen Blee

For nearly a century, the 1920s Ku Klux Klan has seemed an exception that proves a rule. Far-right movements typically eschew electoral politics, as earlier and later waves of the Klan also did. But ...

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The Big Picture: Confederate Revisionist History

By Douglas S. Massey

Donald Trump was elected on a wave of unrestrained white nationalism that promised to “take back our country,” and in so doing “make America great again.” His pandering to white racial resentment ...

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Guns Were for White Men

By Caroline E. Light

This image from the 1773 edition of Mary White Rowlandson’s narrative of her 1675 captivity by Native people presents us with a puzzle, one historian Jill Lepore queried in her influential history of ...

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What the Nazis Learned from America

By Jessica Blatt

Until the recent presidential election cycle, most of us had never heard of the “alt-right.” To those of us who had (likely because we spend too much time on …

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