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What Future for Health Activism?

A more critical consciousness of the connections between family, health, race, and gender was brewing among food allergy advocates in the exceptionally catastrophic summer of 2020.

Episode 4: Data & Infrastructure

Featuring: Laura Forlano & Ranjit Singh

Whose values get embedded into the algorithms that increasingly govern our lives? How are these data infrastructures complicating what it means to be human?

The Matter of Time

Versailles treated the people of Greater Syria and Iraq—Muslims, Christians, and Jews alike—as inferiors in need of “civilizational therapy.”

World without Antibiotics

Sepsis: a systemic response to infection. The body gone wild. A reaction disproportionate to its cause, one that refuses to respect the division between hearts and limbs. Diagnosing sepsis requires a sense of proper proportions. And in Surgeon X, a comic series ...

Keyword of the Week: Healthcare

House Republicans are attempting to replace the Affordable Care Act with legislation that that would disadvantage sick and low-income Americans. This week’s Public Bookshelf  features four articles ...