Like a Viking

By Esther Wright

According to Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, the Vikings aren’t like the stereotypes you’ve heard. Nonetheless, the game lets you play as those stereotypes. Why?

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Why Play at Orientalism?

By Sam DiBella

Games like Crusader Kings III build feudalism into their code, and in so doing assert the supremacy of the modern global North.

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Quit Playing Games with My Heart

By Jon Heggestad

Robert first catches my eye from across the coffee shop. New to the neighborhood, I’m looking for a friendly face. But Robert—glaring back at me from over his mug ...

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Why Play to Regret?

By Shannon Lawlor

Videogames that demand female protagonists commit—and receive—violence may be captivating, thoughtful, and moral. But they are not fun to play.

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