Grounding the Humanities

By Perry Guevara & Amy R. Wong

A “regional” humanities abandons academia’s tepid globalism, and confronts local oppressions like prisons, schools, housing, and the police.

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How to Live Among What Is Dead

By Soyica Diggs Colbert

“Octavia Butler teaches us,” explains Black playwright Ericka Dickerson-Despenza, “…that we have two options in Apocalypse: adapt or die.”

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How Will We Farm?

By Eva-Lynn Jagoe

Farming and child-rearing seem natural, but they’re cultural. And like all cultural activities, generations disagree about how best to do them.

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From the Archive:

Systems and Futures

How to Dream beyond Oil

By Jeffrey Insko

Energy sources shape, rather than simply serve, our social and cultural imaginaries. Recognizing this poses a different set of challenges for how we might contend with our current planetary emergency.

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