Tolerance by Accident, Trust by Design

By Saumitra Jha

Today, trade and globalization often reinforce the incentives for coercion and violence. But what might the history of India reveal about the economic conditions of toleration?

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Seek, Memory …

By Naheed Patel

If memory is an unreliable narrator, how can it be the medium through which we arrive at the truth about ourselves?

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From the Archive:

Children’s & YA Literature

Baldwin’s Children

By Amy Fish

James Baldwin’s recently reissued picture book, Little Man, Little Man, positions itself within a larger textual world. In this sweet and lively story of four-year-old TJ and his friends on a summer ...

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The YA Resistance

By Catherine Keyser

With tedious regularity, cultural commentators turn up their noses at Young Adult fiction, grumbling that it allows readers who should know better to indulge in “escapism, instant gratification, and ...

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Teaching Kids to Resist

By Suzanne Enzerink

Do you know who Fred Korematsu is? He is not yet a household name like Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King Jr., despite the integral role he played in protesting the incarceration of Japanese Americans ...

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