Unruly Objects

By Joseph Fritsch

By making familiar objects strange, two new books of poetry reveal the limits of overly simple critique.

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Karen Carpenter’s Afterlives

By Oscar Tantoco Serquiña Jr.

Everyone knows that feeling when a song—written by someone else in some other place or time—sees you so completely in the present. But how does that happen?

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Can Tech Ever Be Good?

By Johannes Lenhard

Companies like Uber and Airbnb rely on the exploitation of users and workers—and some investors are pushing back. Welcome to the “techlash.”

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From the Archives


Exile by the Bay

By Russell Rickford

Imagining home is an inescapable preoccupation of disinherited people. Of all the possessions lost or denied, none is more precious than the security and feeling of belonging that a genuine home ...

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