Why Play to Regret?

By Shannon Lawlor

Videogames that demand female protagonists commit—and receive—violence may be captivating, thoughtful, and moral. But they are not fun to play.

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Long Live the Gay Bar

By Kelly Roberts

Many think the loss of discrete queer spaces is bad, even as the loss of the need for them is good. What is the nature of that loss?

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Public Books 101:

Becoming Data

Episode 2: Data & Labor

Featuring: Shaka McGlotten & Chris Ramsaroop

How has data been used to organize labor, and how do we make ourselves visible to data-centric systems?

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Episode 4: Data & Infrastructure

Featuring: Laura Forlano & Ranjit Singh

Whose values get embedded into the algorithms that increasingly govern our lives? How are these data infrastructures complicating what it means to be human?

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