“We Plot to Undo the World”

By Edna Bonhomme

Artist Simone Leigh curated a series of intellectual sermons directed by Black women who grieved, strategized, loved, and yearned for community.

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From the Archive:


Brazil’s Malaise

By Lucas Iberico Lozada

A whiff of the apocalyptic surrounds the compounding crises currently afflicting Brazil. A surge in violent crime unfolds alongside a new and dangerous illness; a financial crisis begets a political ...

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Rio, Capital of Disaster Capitalism

By Tom Winterbottom

The Olympic rings loom large over Rio de Janeiro. Seven years after the city won its bid to host the games, the impending two-week extravaganza has swept changes across the Marvelous City, as Rio is ...

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Security Laboratories

By Austin Zeiderman

In recent years, feminist movements in Egypt have negotiated with gendered logics of governance oriented around the imperative to protect women from sexual harassment. Meanwhile, in Brazil, activists ...

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