Are Sharp Women Enough?

By Catherine Keyser

Twitter was a medium made for Dorothy Parker—alas, a century too late. Her famous poem “Resumé” is 141 characters. Her breakout feature in Vanity Fair, a series of Hate Songs, begs for a hashtag ...

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Helen DeWitt, Hand to Mouth

By Lee Konstantinou

Is Helen DeWitt a genius? Readers familiar with the author’s fiction will not find this question out of line. Genius is a word that comes quickly to the lips of ...

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“Wendy and Lucy” @10

By Katherine Fusco & Nicole Seymour

Quick! Name an important fiction film of the Great Recession. The Big Short? Yes, surprisingly fun, considering the topic. Margin Call? Love it, except for the ...

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Keyword of the Week: Climate Change

Let Us Now See Climate Change

By Liz Koslov

How can we learn to see climate change around us? What would it really look like for climate change to come into our homes and lives? It used to be that climate ...

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5,000 Years of Climate Fiction

By Wai Chee Dimock

Kim Stanley Robinson is not the first to write about Manhattan under water. Others, notably Nathaniel Rich in Odds Against Tomorrow (2013), have also ...

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The Big Picture: Building a Climate Coalition

By Robert O. Keohane

Donald J. Trump has given notice of US withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement of December 2015 and made clear that his administration is committed to dismantling the government-based scientific ...

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“A Gun to Our Heads”

By Nathaniel Popkin

On October 13, 2016, Almir Suruí, then chief of the Paiter Suruí indigenous people of northwest Brazil, issued a panicked appeal. “This is my cry of alarm, please listen to me!” he wrote to national ...

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