America Learns What Russia Knew

By Katherine Voyles

How to tell a story always matters enormously. This already urgent task takes on added dimensions and gravity when the story itself is about information ...

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How Haiti Got Free

By Mary Caton Lingold

I vividly remember the rush I felt after my first encounter with the story of the Haitian Revolution. It was a sudden and miraculous sense that everything was not as it seemed ...

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Baldwin’s Children

By Amy Fish

James Baldwin’s recently reissued picture book, Little Man, Little Man, positions itself within a larger textual world. In this sweet and lively story of four-year-old TJ and his friends on a summer ...

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And Cuba Shall Lead Them

By Andrew Klein

In an era when, history textbooks contend, the United States lurched to the right, Gus Newport presided over an unapologetically leftist government in the San Francisco Bay Area. If the region has a ...

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The YA Resistance

By Catherine Keyser

With tedious regularity, cultural commentators turn up their noses at Young Adult fiction, grumbling that it allows readers who should know better to indulge in “escapism, instant gratification, and ...

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The Earnest Elfin Dream Gay

By Derritt Mason

The guy behind the “Manic Pixie Dream Girl” phenomenon has regrets. In a 2007 review of Elizabethtown, film critic Nathan Rabin coined this term to contextualize ...

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Empathy Is Not Enough

By Marah Gubar

Almost 30 years ago, education researcher and children’s literature scholar Rudine Sims Bishop introduced an analogy that has been widely embraced by the librarians, teachers, artists, and scholars ...

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