Reboot, Squared

By Madeline Ullrich

TV can’t reboot its way out of its past errors, any more than an individual can fix their past trauma by reliving it, over and over again.

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Weirding Out with Kate Marshall

Hosted by: Chris Holmes and Emily Hyde

In the intro to season 6 of Novel Dialogue, Kate Marshall gets weird: “I was looking at writers who were considering themselves part of a new weird, and I wanted to ask what the old weird was, and so I started looking.”

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Refreshing the Fresh Prince

By Brandy Monk-Payton

The turn toward an aesthetic of Black excellence on TV reveals a mode of self-fashioning that celebrates neoliberal markers of merit and prestige.

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From the Archive:

Corporate Capitalism

Choosing Growth

By Julia Ott

Recently, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt defended the withdrawal of the United States from the 2015 Paris Climate Accord by alleging that the agreement had placed “constraints on the economy.” Rather ...

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Gig Authoritarians

By Maya Vinokour

The threat of possible human obsolescence requires not just a different politics but a feat of imagination.

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