More Nurture, Less Nature?

By Maurizio Meloni

What if genes weren’t the perfect blueprint we’ve been led to believe they are? What if your body was constantly being shaped by its environment? What if your children’s ...

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The Gay Conversion Therapy Memoir

By Don James McLaughlin

“To continually go before God and ask for forgiveness and make promises you know you can’t keep is more than I can take. I feel it is making a mockery of God and ...

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The Earnest Elfin Dream Gay

By Derritt Mason

The guy behind the “Manic Pixie Dream Girl” phenomenon has regrets. In a 2007 review of Elizabethtown, film critic Nathan Rabin coined this term to contextualize ...

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Against Cuteness: “Bambi” @90

By Kyle Walker

Felix Salten’s Bambi: A Life in the Woods—which first appeared in English 90 years ago this summer—is now better known as the inspiration for Disney’s charming ...

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“Test-Tube Babies” @40

By Lisa Forman Cody

Forty years ago, on July 25, 1978, an English baby of ordinary working-class parentage was delivered by caesarian section. At 11:47 p.m., her mother, obstetrician Patrick Steptoe, Cambridge ...

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Women’s Suffrage @100

By Linda Gordon

The woman suffrage amendment passed in 1920, the culmination of what Juliet Mitchell called “the longest revolution, ” because it took 80 years of activism for American women to win the right to vote ...

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