How Will We Farm?

By Eva-Lynn Jagoe

Farming and child-rearing seem natural, but they’re cultural. And like all cultural activities, generations disagree about how best to do them.

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What to Do About Freedom?

By Jennifer Fleissner

Once, radical artists and thinkers shook up conservatives. Now, it’s the right gleefully transgressing a “moralizing” left. What happened?

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From the Archive:

Global Black History

Nobody Verzuz a Nation

By Isis Semaj-Hall

Though a new phenomenon, Verzuz isn’t new. Black artistic, scholarly, athletic, and political spaces have always been made into battlegrounds.

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Fast Food, Precarious Workers

By Marcia Chatelain

Today—as in 1968—it remains to be seen if McDonald’s pivot toward racial justice will mean anything for how it treats its scores of Black workers.

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The Devil Wears Pravda

By Vaughn Rasberry

In the mid-1930s, amid the Second World War and the Great Depression, competing forms of internationalism—the Communist International, Black Internationalism, the League of Nations—defined the ...

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