The Labor of Play

By Benjamin Tausig

Games like Wordle and CALL OF DUTY equally stem from capital's attempt to conquer leisure time. Is there a better way to play?

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When Medusa Meets #MeToo

By Valeria Spacciante

Greek mythology has long been a by-word for elitism. Is it really a good idea to use its images for contemporary gender justice?

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From the Archive:

The Sea

The Bonds of the Sea

By Henri Borius & Margaret Cohen

What do war journalism and surfing have in common? On the face of it, not much: surfing is a frivolous pastime and war reporting a humanitarian endeavor to shine a light on violent conflict in ways ...

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Rising Tides, Rising Profits

By Philomena Polefrone

In New York 2140, Kim Stanley Robinson takes on one of the almost unimaginable yet probable outcomes of climate change: that in the foreseeable future, some ...

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Hirado, the End of the World

By Sanaë Lemoine

This is the latest installment of Public Streets, a biweekly urban observations series curated by Ellis Avery. The journey from Tokyo to the island of Hirado, just off the coast of Nagasaki ...

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