Past Dictators Never Die

By Carlos Varón González

What happens when a regime founded upon exclusion, racism, nationalism, and an authoritarian leader ends? In Spain, such a regime never really ended.

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Remembering Is Resistance

By Jessica M. Parr

Confronting painful pasts gives society an opportunity to change. This is why those invested in the amnesiac status quo fight against memory.

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From the Archives

Systems and Futures

How to Build a World

By Brent Ryan Bellamy

Storytelling like that of Ursula K. Le Guin or Hayao Miyazaki reveals how real-world politics is similarly an act of collective “world building.”

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Water as Right, Water as Future

By Andrea Muehlebach

Declaring water a human right is easy. But to actually secure that right, the best method—surprisingly—is bureaucratic sleights of hand.

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