Our Mission

Public Books unites the best of the university with the openness of the internet. The digital magazine was founded in 2012 by Sharon Marcus, a literature professor, and Caitlin Zaloom, an anthropologist. Their mission was simple: to publish writing that is erudite without being esoteric and brings scholarly depth to discussions of contemporary ideas, culture, and politics.

Public Books began with these precepts: that experts who devote their lives to mastering their subjects need to be heard. That it is desirable for academics to speak to a broader audience, and exciting for readers outside of the academy to debate what scholars have to say. Most importantly, that boundaries between disciplines and ways of knowing deserve to be bridged—and that barriers between the academy and the public deserve to be broken.

At Public Books, academics join with other public scholars, critics, and activists to make the life of the mind a public good.


Founding Editors

Sharon Marcus
Caitlin Zaloom

Editors in Chief

Geraldo Cadava
Nicholas Dames

Editorial Director

Ben Platt

Managing Editor

Megan Cummins

Associate Editor

Imani Radney

Assistant Editor

Charlotte E. Rosen

Editors at Large

Sharon Marcus
Caitlin Zaloom

Web Developer

Lin Chen

Editorial Board

Geraldo Cadava
Nicholas Dames
Frank Guridy
Eleanor Johnson
Sharon Marcus
Kelley Deane McKinney
Caitlin Zaloom

Advisory Board

Arianne Chernock
John Mulliken
Eric Rayman
Caitlin Zaloom (chair)


Since its inception in 2012, Public Books has been supported by Columbia University’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Columbia University’s Society of Fellows and Heyman Center for the Humanities, New York University’s Office of the Provost, New York University’s Institute for Public Knowledge, and Northwestern University’s Chabraja Center for Historical Studies.