Episode 2: Data & Labor

How has data been used to organize labor, and how do we make ourselves visible to data-centric systems?

Scholars Shaka McGlotten and Chris Ramsaroop join our host, Natalie Kerby, to discuss data in the context of labor. The episode addresses the historical ways that data has been used to organize labor, the labor of making ourselves visible to data-centric systems, and the different ways that people, and more specifically workers, are resisting datafication.



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View a transcript of the episode here.


Our guests

  • Shaka McGlotten is a professor of anthropology and media studies at Purchase College, SUNY.
  • Chris Ramsaroop is an organizer with Justice for Migrant Workers and a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto.
  • Natalie Kerby, this season’s host, is a media producer, editor, and researcher who works at the intersection of human rights, digital media, and technology. Currently, she is the digital-content associate at Data & Society, and a volunteer at Interference Archive, an archive of social movements where she coproduces the podcast series Audio Interference.

Further reading

Featured image by Yichi Liu