Open Call for Submissions

September 30, 2024
12:00 am
Open Call for Submissions

Open Call for submissions




voices of the campus protest movement


Sparked by Columbia’s “Gaza Solidarity Encampment,” encampments and related actions protesting Israel’s campaign in Gaza have since emerged at the University of Texas–Austin, Cal Poly Humboldt, New York University, USC, UC Berkeley, Harvard University, Miami University in Ohio, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Yale University, University of Michigan, University of Pittsburgh, The New School, Emory University, CCNY, Northwestern University, and more, with students at other campuses in the US and abroad taking action every day. While university responses vary and are ongoing, a number of university administrations have responded to students’ protests with force.

Public Books is a digital magazine committed to making the ideas, people, and movements within and surrounding the university accessible to the broader public. In accordance with this mission, we feel it is imperative to collect on-the-ground narratives from individuals participating in, supporting, and observing campus encampments. We do so as a means of both documenting this historic moment and providing individuals on the ground the opportunity to share stories that are either erased or misrepresented in the mainstream press. 

We invite those in university communities—undergraduate students, graduate students, adjuncts and lecturers, tenured faculty members, university workers, and anyone who has a credible institutional tie to an institution of higher learning—to submit essays, interviews, oral histories, audio/video recordings, artwork, poems, or other forms of media that share reflections, analysis, and testimony about the campus encampments and protest movements.




Please send your submissions by email to Please limit your written submissions to a maximum of 3,000-words; there is no lower word limit for written submissions. Submissions of files other than written texts should include a brief description in the email body of your submission. We urge thoughtfulness about consent regarding the capture of protestors’ voices and likenesses in the recording of audio, video, or photographic material. Files must be less than 25 MB and sent as an email attachment (not a Google Drive link). Please do not submit zipped files. If your file is larger than 25 MB, please first submit a short written description of it.

At this time we are only open to submissions from those who are affiliated with colleges and universities, anywhere in the world. Submissions must be sent from your institutional email account. Please indicate the nature of your affiliation in your submission. If for any reason you are unable to submit from your .edu address, please state the reason at the top of your submission. If a submission is selected for publication in this project, writers will have the option to publish anonymously.

Submissions that do not follow these guidelines will be deleted unread. 

Featured image: Protesters outside the closed gates of Columbia University.