Co-Opting AI

Co-Opting AI, a joint collaboration of Public Books and the Institute for Public Knowledge, puts the most forward-thinking scholars and activists across technology, design and inequality into conversation with one another, to consider how we can re-claim the story about technology for our planetary future.


Public Books and JSTOR Daily have partnered to produce a series of roundtable discussions that bring a scholarly perspective to topics ranging from the college admissions process to the legacy of Freud.

La Vie des Idées

In response to the third anniversary of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, and in support of further necessary action to address the changing climate, the US magazine Public Books and the French magazine La Vie des Idées offer a collaborative series of articles examining the intersection of climate change and capitalism.

Princeton University Press

As part of a shared commitment to bringing scholarly ideas to the world, Public Books has entered into a nonexclusive partnership allowing Princeton University Press to reprint an ongoing series of essays containing press-related content to be featured concurrently on our respective sites.

Recall This Book

Public Books presents a selection of edited conversations originally produced by Recall This Book, a podcast that explores contemporary issues by looking at books that shaped the world we inherited.

SFMOMA’s Public Knowledge

In Cities, Knowledge, and the Digital Age, a new partnership between Public Books and SFMOMA’s Public Knowledge project, we seek to understand how technology has changed cities.

Sydney Review of Books

Public Books and the Sydney Review of Books have partnered to exchange an ongoing series of essays with international concerns.