Public Books 101

Public Books 101 turns a scholarly eye to a world worth studying. In each miniseries, world-class scholars and writers examine a single topic from many angles, opening a window into the conversations that experts are having with one another about some of the issues, problems, and cultural curiosities facing us today.

Novel Dialogue

Novel Dialogue invites a novelist and a literary critic to talk about novels from every angle: how we read them, write them, publish them, and remember them.

Primary Sources

From Public Books and Type Media Center, this is Primary Sources, the show where writers and intellectuals talk about some of the greatest influences on their work. Primary Sources is hosted by Eyal Press.

Writing Latinos

Writing Latinos is a podcast featuring interviews with Latino authors of all sorts—scholars, novelists, memoirists, journalists—discussing their books, and how their writing contributes to the ever-changing conversation about the meanings of latinidad.