RSS Feeds

RSS provides a way for readers to be notified about the release of new Public Books podcast episodes or articles on topics of particular interest. You can find a simple tutorial on how to use RSS feeds here.

Below we’ve listed both some example topic feeds and an overall feed, which contains all Public Books articles. To subscribe, simply copy and paste the feed URL into your favorite feed reader.

  • The Big Picture
  • Climate Change
  • Fiction
  • Gender
  • Global Black History
  • On Our Nightstands
  • Politics
  • Primary Sources (podcast)
  • Public Books 101 (podcast)
  • Public Streets
  • Translation
  • Public Books Overall Feed

If you are interested in another topic, just click on the appropriate hashtag at the bottom of an article (or choose below from our most popular tags), copy the new page’s URL, append “/feed” to the end, and you will have created a custom RSS feed URL that you can use to subscribe.

Popular Topic Tags

@X Academia Activism Africa African American American Studies An Engineer Reads a Novel Animals Anthropocene Anthropology Architecture Archives Art Artificial Intelligence B-Sides Biography Black Lives Matter Borderlands Britain Capitalism Caribbean CASBS Celebrity Chicago Children Cities Citizenship Class Climate Climate Change Colonialism Comics Communication Communism COVID-19 Culture Data Democracy Design Development Diaspora Digital Digital Humanities Disability Donald Trump Drama Duke University Press Dystopia Economics Education Environment Environmentalism Environmental Studies Essay Ethics Europe Experiment Family Fantasy Farrar Straus & Giroux Feminism Fiction Film Finance Food France Friendship Gender Gentrification Global Black History Globalization Graphic Haiti Harvard University Press Higher Education History Housing Humanities Human Rights Identity Illness & Medicine Immigration Imperialism Incarceration India Inequality Infrastructure Internationalism Internet Interview Islam Italy Japan Jewish Johns Hopkins University Press Journalism Knopf Labor Landscape Latin America Latinx Law Literary Criticism Literary Fiction Literature Literature in Translation Love Masculinity Media Memoir Memory Mexico Middle East Migration Military MIT Press Modernism Modernity Morality Motherhood Multiculturalism Music Music & Sound Nationalism Neoliberalism New Directions New York New York City Nonfiction Norton Nostalgia Novel Novel Dialogue On Our Nightstands Overheard Oxford University Press Pandemic Penguin Press Philosophy Photography Podcast Poetry Politics Pop Culture Postcolonial Poverty Princeton University Press Print/Screen Protest Public Sphere Public Streets Public Thinker Publishing Queer Queer Theory Race Racism Refugees Religion Reprint Riverhead Russia Satire Science Science Fiction Sex & Sexuality Sexuality Shoptalk Slavery Social Media Social Movements Social Theory Sociology South America Spain Speculative Fiction Sports Surveillance Teaching Technology Television Theater The Big Picture Translation Trauma Travel United States University of California Press University of Chicago Press Urbanism Urban Studies Verso Violence Visual Culture War Women Workplace World Literature Writing Yale University Press