Tag: Black Lives Matter

Antiracist Praxis

Antiracism challenges us to wholly reimagine what it means to study human and inhuman conditions in their various forms.

How to Defund the Police

The inconvenient truth of police history in the United States is that police departments were not designed to keep a generic public safe.

Rage and Uprising

A politics of rage does not equate emotions with irrationality or impulsive behavior, but can affirm equality, claim agency, and ask for justice.

Episode 1: Origins of the Internet

Featuring: Charlton McIlwain & Fred Turner

Where did the internet come from? Who gets left out of dominant stories about its origins? And what can history teach us about how to make the internet better?

Power, Poison, Pain, and Joy

Sitting atop a police car beneath an oversized American flag, Kendrick Lamar opened the 2015 BET awards with his single “Alright.” “We hate the po-po ...

We See You, Race Women

When I was in graduate school, whenever a black woman scholar presented her work a peculiar phenomenon emerged: peers always and only remarked on the speaker’s person, rather than on her ideas. At ...

Atlantic Got Your Tongue

Safia Elhillo’s poetry comes to us exactly when we need it, in the era of the travel ban and the border wall. The richness of feeling and formal inventiveness of her work open up an alternative ...

Empathy Is Not Enough

Almost 30 years ago, education researcher and children’s literature scholar Rudine Sims Bishop introduced an analogy that has been widely embraced by the librarians, teachers, artists, and scholars ...

Procedural Racism

Every detective story relays at least two narratives: the story of the crime and the story of the investigation. In a police procedural, the story of the investigation has police officers discover ...