Tag: Conservatism

Permission to Jeer

It’s clear that something has changed in conservative politics over the last decade. An exploration of pro-wrestling fandom sheds light on why.

Embracing George?

In painting immigrants, George W. Bush seeks to ingratiate himself with the American public. But his crimes must be remembered.

Terminal Whiteness

While doing fieldwork in Tennessee for his eye-opening and often harrowing new book, Dying of Whiteness, Vanderbilt University Professor Jonathan M. Metzl met Trevor. A 40-something-year-old former ...

Ignoble Savages

Writers created “Western” civilization out of a looming sense that it was in peril. This is as true today as it was a century ago, when Oswald Spengler published the first volume of The Decline of ...

“Rivers of Blood” @50

Imperial historians, and inhabitants of places colonized by Britain, know that much of England’s history happened beyond its borders. As decolonization whittled away imperial possessions ...