Tag: Data

Episode 3: Societies Online

Featuring: Alice E. Marwick & Siva Vaidhyanathan

What kind of social space are we inhabiting when we’re online? How do practices like data collection, data brokering, and surveillance underwrite the “free” services we enjoy?

Episode 1: Origins of the Internet

Featuring: Charlton McIlwain & Fred Turner

Where did the internet come from? Who gets left out of dominant stories about its origins? And what can history teach us about how to make the internet better?

Designing AI with Justice

I will discuss three concepts in this talk: first, the idea of design justice; second, how people are already resisting oppressive AI; and third, the ten principles of design justice ...

Against Human Capital

My parents were on the brink of retirement at the same time as I was researching pension strategies in Israel. So, I couldn’t help thinking about them whenever retirees were discussed. It made things ...

The World Silicon Valley Made

A repairman at the Shenzhen electronic bazaar treks from stall to stall, gathering inexpensive camera modules, casings, glass displays, batteries, and motherboards, and then, with only a screwdriver ...

Our Metrics, Ourselves

In 1994, a doctor named Clifton Meador penned a satirical portrait of “the last well person” for the New England Journal of Medicine. The protagonist, bent on discovering every datum of unwellness …