Tag: Gender

Why Play to Regret?

Videogames that demand female protagonists commit—and receive—violence may be captivating, thoughtful, and moral. But they are not fun to play.

The Metalyrical Moment

Three recent poetry collections have cemented the rise of what we might call the “metalyrical”: poetry that interrogates the conditions of its own expression.

Pornography Porn

The explosion of porn signals the widespread uptake of questions of objectification, the politics of looking, and the relation between power and enjoyment.

What Next for MeTooLit?

What happens when a woman’s words are believed? And what doesn’t happen? Two years have passed since the viral hashtag #MeToo carried the intersectional movement to end sexual violence to a global ...

The Lyric Me, Too

“The” is a suspect word. It’s small and ubiquitous, but there’s something presumptuous about it. It aggrandizes and abstracts. Unlike “this” and “that,” which also indicate specificity (“this word,” ...