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What Future for Health Activism?

A more critical consciousness of the connections between family, health, race, and gender was brewing among food allergy advocates in the exceptionally catastrophic summer of 2020.

Public Picks 2021

Each May we send our readers into summer with a curated list of the titles that dazzled, challenged, and inspired us most over the past year (or so).

A Just Future for Cycling?

I occupy three precarious categories: South Florida resident, humanities professor, and cyclist. The last, however, is a condition afforded to me because of ...

Back to the Women’s Land

How do women gain power in a society economically and politically dominated by men? This question vexed mid-20th-century second-wave feminists. At issue was whether women should occupy male spaces or ...

“A Gun to Our Heads”

On October 13, 2016, Almir Suruí, then chief of the Paiter Suruí indigenous people of northwest Brazil, issued a panicked appeal. “This is my cry of alarm, please listen to me!” he wrote to national ...