Episode 3: Data & Automation

What harms can result from AI and automation, and how might we address and prevent those harms?

Researchers Arthur Gwagwa and Deb Raji join our host, Natalie Kerby, to discuss data, AI, and automation, and the different ways they operate across geopolitical contexts such as the US and Africa. The episode covers not only the harms that can result from these systems but also how we might address and prevent those harms.



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Our guests

  • Arthur Gwagwa is a researcher at Utrecht University’s Ethics Institute in the department of philosophy.
  • Deb Raji is a fellow at Mozilla and works closely with the Algorithmic Justice League.
  • Natalie Kerby, this season’s host, is a media producer, editor, and researcher who works at the intersection of human rights, digital media, and technology. Currently, she is the digital-content associate at Data & Society, and a volunteer at Interference Archive, an archive of social movements where she coproduces the podcast series Audio Interference.

Further reading

Featured image by Yichi Liu